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Central Alberta Home Care

Central Alberta Palliative Care

Providing Central Albertans with the opportunity to stay at home while the end of life draws near

Our Vision

Supporting families through life's transitions with grace, dignity, and compassion

CAPC supports the desires of individuals and families to remain in their place of comfort while also providing for their medical needs. 

Central Alberta Palliative Home Care
Central Alberta Palliative Home Care

Our Mission

Providing Central Albertans and their caregivers with the resources, education, and support to palliate at home through accessible nursing care. 

With the boundaries of the Rocky Mountains to the West and Saskatchewan to the East, CAPC offers in-home palliative nursing care between Calgary and Edmonton, focusing on the rural communities of Central Alberta.

Our Values





Central Alberta Home Care

Our Dream

CAPC was born out of a dream to build a hospice for Central Albertans. 

Set in rural Alberta with several acres for flowers, foliage, a garden, and pond. 

The Hospice will be surrounded by farm land, allowing those who wish to palliate with us the opportunity to view the seasons in their fullest. They will be able to watch as farmers plant the crops or harvest their bounty. 

There will be stalls to facilitate bringing beloved animals for comfort.

There will be a kitchen for gathering around a large island or sitting to enjoy a traditional meal. 

This will be a hospice that replicates many of the homes and lives lived by rural folk.

This will be a hospice built by Central Albertan's for Central Albertan's.

With such a grand dream in mind, there needed to be a way to begin to accumulate the necessary funds, while beginning to care for the community now, not just when a hospice is built.

As such, CAPC was created.

Tailored Palliative Care

Upto 24HR nursing care for respite or medical care

Integrates your values, wishes, and desires

Symptom Management

Pain Control

Disease Progression

Collaborates with care providers already involved or utilizes our own

Local RN's LPN's and HCA's supporting the communities in which they live

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