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At CAPC, we embrace the skills and abilities of RN's, LPN's, and HCA's to meet the needs of our clients.

Whether you need someone to provide respite for your family or a nurse to offer medical care, we collaborate with you to find the best support.


Registered Palliative Nurse

Amber has been supporting families through transitions for over 10 years. 

She began providing Palliative nursing care to the pediatric population and now expands her care to all ages, experienced in offering care both in home and hospital settings. It was while practicing in a Central Alberta hospital that she encountered many of her patients wishing they could go home to "see their horse one last time" or to be with their family, those who have given their life comfort and joy. This inspired Amber to launch CAPC and return Palliative Care to the homes and communities of Central Alberta. 

Trained first as a Birth Doula, then as a Registered Nurse, Amber identified the parallels in the experience of birth and death. Both of these seasons mark a beginning and an end; a transition from what was once known, into the yet unknown. CAPC was created to journey alongside families and those at the end of their life, to help navigate the transition from life to death.

Palliative Nurse Home Care

Interested in being employed by CAPC?

CAPC is always looking for incredible, caring individuals to join our team. Connect with us below!

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