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Central Alberta Home Care
Central Alberta Palliative Nursing Care


Each person's experience at the end of their life is unique and unpredictable. The transition from life to death may occur quickly for some while others linger in a near death state for days or weeks. The trajectory of the end of a life can often present with challenging needs of the individual, ones that may change rapidly, making planning for what might be required difficult.


CAPC will help you navigate this delicate time and strives to make this season of transition come with grace and dignity by bringing nursing care into the home. We embrace your desires and wishes, providing you with a uniquely personal palliative experience. 

As medical needs change, our nurses provide ongoing assessments to ensure comfort is in focus. While providing symptom management, pain control, and disease progression, CAPC nurses offer a diverse skill set to address a variety of medical needs from oxygen requirements, tubes, drains, access lines, and more. 

Providing respite for caregivers and those palliating alike, CAPC nurses offer care from a few hours, to night time support, to 24 hour care, adjusting appropriately as the end of life draws near.

Sundre, Alberta

"The Central Alberta Palliative Care team provides Albertan families with an essential service. We could not have fulfilled our loved one's wish to die at home without their support, and they offered our family the expertise and stewardship to see us through one of our most difficult times. We recommend them to every family needing in home palliative care."

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